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Remus woke up in the hospital wing in second year with James, Sirius, and Peter standing at his bedside. His heart sunk: they weren’t supposed to know he was there.

“Hi” Sirius said.

“Hi” Remus whispered.

They cautiously spread out. Sirius stayed on Remus’ left, James went to the right, and Peter stood at the foot.

“Are you ok?” Peter asked.

“I thought you were at another funeral” Sirius said.

Remus licked his lips and opened his mouth, but nothing came out.

“We brought you chocolate” Sirius said. “Unless Peter ate it all.”

“I did not!” Peter said, and gave Remus three slightly melted and smooshed chocolate frogs. “I ate some” he apologized.

“Are you a werewolf?” James asked.

No one breathed. Remus ducked his head, refusing to cry. It was over. He’d hoped for longer, but he should be content with what he had had, which was more then he’d had before, and more then he’d had a right to expect.

“Yes.” He had to whisper because his throat was sore.

“Hey” Sirius leaned close and Remus looked up. The only thing to look at was Sirius’ eyes.

“Wicked” Sirius said. It took Remus a moment to realize he meant it in the good slang way.

“Yeah” James said. “How long’ve you been a werewolf?”

“Si-since I was six.”

“Wow” Peter said.

“Where do you go?” James asked.

“The, uh, there’s a house in Hogsmead. At the edge of town.”

“Not the Shrieking Shack” Sirius said, too loudly.

Remus nodded.

“But it’s haunted!” Peter squeaked.

Remus shook his head.

“Wicked” James said.

Berk (Wicked 2)

Remus woke up in the hospital wing in seventh year with James, Sirius, Peter, and Lily standing at his bedside. He goggled at Lily.

“Hi” she said gently.

He looked at his dorm mates for an explanation.

“Had to tell her, mate” James said. “She forced me. And I didn’t think you’d mind Lily.”

“James forgot about their date last night and stood her up and told her about you to distract her and get another date” Peter spoke rapidly and ducked.

“Berk!” James said.

“Berk” Lily said to James. Then she turned her luminous eyes to Remus again. “I hope you don’t mind me knowing, Remus. You know I won’t tell anyone.”

Remus sat up and nodded. Last night hadn’t been bad; Sirius and James and Peter were all there, after all, so he hadn’t torn himself to bits.

“I don’t mind you knowing” he said, and it was true. It was almost a relief, in a way.

Lily looked down and scuffed her feet. “I’m sorry about fifth year, then, and the shirking-your-duties speech. Es.”

“It’s okay.”

Sirius was tired of not being the center of attention. He jumped onto Remus’ bed, shoving Remus to the side so he could settle down next to him. Remus didn’t mind, and tried to rearrange the blankets without being obvious.

“Well, let’s have our chocolate, then,” Sirius said.

Lily grinned. “I carried it this time, so Peter didn’t eat any.”

“Hey!” Peter said.

“Well,” Remus said, batting Sirius’ hands away, “there is a first time for everything.”

Lily beamed at James. “Well,” she said. “Now I suppose all your secrets are out!”

“Err, yes” James said, so obviously lying Lily started in on him immediately.

Peter helped himself to a chocolate frog while Sirius nudged Remus. When Remus turned to look at him, Sirius’ eyes were the only things in the world he could see.

“Think our Prongsie there knows what he’s gotten himself into?” Sirius whispered.

“Our James? No, no clue.” They grinned.

Lily shrieked from the edge of the bed.

Remus and Sirius smirked, and said in unison: “Berk.”