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Opening Doors


By Tabula Rasa


Opening Windows

DISCLAIMER: Not mine.  Never were, never will be.  Unless...nah, that could never happen.
WARNINGS: I can't help it, I like headers!  Okay, this one's Limey all over the place.  Neener. 01XRP, 05xSP, and the usual
THANKS 2: harley q., who made it all go "click" (she let me use her reason-- and has none left for herself ;).  And because she had to read this as a WIP.
SUMMARY:  Relena's in danger again, but it's not exactly what you might think.  Will the Preventers be able to save her this time?  It might work better if only Heero and Sally would make up their minds... And this is complete.



Chapter 1: A Vacation Might Be Nice

Chapter 2: "I think we're through with dinner."

Chapter 3:  If they were all insane, it wasn't his problem.

Chapter 4:  "That bad, huh?"  "No...That *good*."

Chapter 5: "Duo.  I'm going to kill you."

Chapter 6: He hit the ground again, unconscious this time.

Chapter 7: He laughed, and began.

Chapter 8: "We're destined to be together!"

Chapter 9: "I know that man!"


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