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In Love And War

Roads Elsewhere

Ron&Hermione&her fake cat

The ones left behind

Miscellanious Fanfic by Tabula Rasa

Harry Potter

Hermione Drabbles

Two drabbles written a couple of days before the release of HBP.

Wicked/ Berk

(MWPP) Pair of drabbles, about Remus in the hospital wing and things revealed there. And slang. "Wicked" is Second Year, "Berk" is Seventh.

The Grimmauld Place Dueling Club

How they occupy themselves at Headquarters, the summer before sixth year. Ron POV

Good Omens

Another Sort of Compromise

Angels don't lust. Demons don't love. Which leaves them where, exactly? A/C

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and everything therein belongs to J. K. Rowling. Good Omens and everything therein belongs to Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaimon. ::Fangirls all of the above:: I am making no money on these little flights of fancy, unlike the authors above, just as I cannot possibly approach the genius, &c.