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Tabula Rasa's Dig

Tabula's fic: Stories by Stratigraphy

"Mulder! Get your hand OUT of there! What are you doing? Skinner could be in here any minute!" "I'm counting on it, Scully."

whispering spooky nothings

The Site Report (To GLORIA MUNDI, my lj)

If you're reading're high-lighting

Late Philean Period: Season 8-Present

Mulder and Scully



AU drabble for "Trust No 1". MSR, Doggett, Reyes. 325 words.

Bird in Snow

Staring William. PG, V, 2k


Alex going to Babylon. 155-word story, V. 2k.

Circles Round the Sun

Turns out Mulder *is* handling it well. Post-ep for Vienen. VA MSR, 8k


Mulder's trying, really. V, MSR, post-ep for Three Words. 6k

Things No One Notices

I'm going to have to go with the title for this one. PG, V, Relationship consistent with the show. Post-ep for Per Manum. 4k.


Amalgamation of random memories from before, during, and after Requiem and Within. V, post-ep, 7k

Middle Philean: Seasons 6-7

Rob and Laura



Mid-Arcadia flopsy-thing. PG, 8K

Things Outside

Mulder and Scully and their house. MSR, AU high weirdness, Season 7. 20k.


"We weren't going to investigate it, but you did ask" X, MSR. 47k

End of the World Theatrics

Fate or Chance. Truth or Consequences. X,S, MSR. 22K


UFO-hunters don't sky-gaze. V, A, UST, 11k


The usual stuff that happens against filing cabinets. But only half way. V, MSR, 7k

Early Philean: Seasons 1-5

Mr. and Mrs. Spooky

August, 1998

"Yes" he nodded, then peered at her. "Are *you* drunk?" S,A,UST,Flickfic (yeah, you heard me),16k


155-word challenge on Scullyfic. Spoilers for Redux II. 2K.

Dead Man's Curve

Halloween. Snickers. Ghost stories. Dead Man's Curve. S, UST. 24k.

Fall: East on M St.

"No, she said. Mulder, it's Saturday." V, Sc POV, M/S something. 8k

I Want A Movie!


Is that a water gun or are you happy to see me?


Scully's having a rough morning, poor baby! H, 17K

The Grand Finale

Mulder and Scully's big exit. H, 15k

I Spy For The FBI

The US Manifested its Destiny all over the Native Americans--now they're coming for you! Don't accept the blankets!


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Admit it. Doggett and Skinner are meant to be.

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