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  Rated PG to PG-13

   Chapter 5: Memories

   Heero woke up breathing hard. He felt very nervous. It was something from his dream, but he couldn't remember it now. All he knew was that he felt something was wrong.

   The feeling started to decrease as he looked over to the form in the bed next to him. She was beautiful. He ran his hand along her arm and kissed her shoulder. He turned
   his attention to the door that was cracked open. He slipped out of bed and pulled his boxers on. He walked over to the door and opened it. He looked in at the small child
   sleeping with one leg over the side of the bed. He smiled at himself.

   It had been two years. Two years after Relena and he had become a couple. Two years after they got married and two years after she told him she was pregnant. She had
   actually told him about the baby before they got married.


   They had been together for about a month without anyone knowing. They had a plan--they would wait until after Millardo left for work, and then they would get up.

   It had worked until one day Millardo decided to go into work late. Relena went down to the kitchen to make Heero some breakfast. She thought it would be nice. She had
   started to make something, when she heard footsteps walk into the room. She smiled to herself thinking it was Heero.

   "It smells great in here. Relena what are you making?" Relena's eyes grew wide 'OH MY GOD! What is he doing here?' She turned around, to come face to face with

   "What the hell are you doing here?" she spat out.

   "Nice to see you too." He gave her a look, one that said 'what are you up to?'

   "I'm so sorry. You just scared me. What are you doing here?  Shouldn't you be at work?"

   "I'm going in later. I have a meeting at 10:00. Is that all right with you?" He smiled at her.

   "Ah, it's great. I'm just going to go get a sweater." She started to run to the door, almost slipping and falling on the floor. But before she could get through the door she ran
   into something. No, someone. She looked up to find Heero looking at her with a small smile on his face. He ran his had through her hair and down her back, to rest on her
   butt. She looked at him with fear written all over her face. He was about to ask her what was wrong but he found out all too soon.

   "What the hell do You think you're doing?" Millardo's voice was eerily calm. But in his eye there was the storm. Relena turned around. She tried to give her brother a cute
   smile. But it didn't work. "Get your F***ing hands off my sister YUY!" Heero just pulled her closer. He had a smirk on his lips that made Millardo want to kill him here and
   now. Millardo walked up to Relena and looked at Heero. "Get away from my sister Yuy." His voice was getting dangerous. Heero looked Millardo in the eyes and mouthed,
   "surprise" the smirk even more apparent.

   That was it, Millardo grabbed Relena's arm and quickly pulled her away. Relena went 'flying’ across the room to the small table. Millardo tried to punch Heero but Heero
   ducked down.

   Just than Noin enters the room to find Millardo throwing punches at Heero. 'But wait, what is Heero doing here at 8:30 in the morning.' Than she saw what Heero was
   wearing. Or wasn't wearing. Black boxers. She rushed over to Relena who was trying to stop her brother. Noin stopped Relena, fearing that she would get hurt, and
   grabbed the back of Millardo's shirt.

   "What are you doing!?" Millardo spat.

   "I'm stopping you from killing someone." Noin answered. She pulled him over to the table and made him sit down. Relena rushed over to Heero to make sure he was all
   right. "What the hell is going on here?!" Noin asked Millardo.

   "That boy had his hands on Relena!" Millardo was giving Heero a full-on death glare. Telling him that this was nowhere near to being over. Noin smirked 'I knew it.'

   Millardo saw the smirk and his face became bright red. "Look at what he's wearing!"

   Relena gave Heero a little look. One that said 'I'm mad but not too mad.' He wrapped his arms around her. Millardo jumped up and started over to them once again,
   but was stopped by Noin. He glared at her, mad that she stopped him. His eyes pleaded to let him go over and kill Heero. To let him protect his baby sister. Noin shook
   her head.  'No' was all she mouthed to him.

   "She can take care of herself," she said in a calm low voice. Millardo just glared at Heero.

   There were a few more cases when this type of thing happened. But as Millardo ran into Heero more and more at home and at work, he became used to it. BUT! He never
   liked it. He was never nice to Heero, and Heero was never nice to him.


   He walked into the small room adjoining his and Relena's bedroom. He walked over to the small girl that lay fast asleep, with the covers kicked off. He bent down and brushed a
   stray piece of hair out of her face, then kissed her forehead.  She made a soft sigh in her sleep that made Heero smile even wider. He had never known that he could love
   someone so much, so fast. He pulled the blankets up to her shoulders. That feeling of nervousness was almost completely gone now.

   He stood up and walked over to the window on the opposite side of the room. It was the one thing he had demanded. The window had to be as far way from his daughter's
   bed as possible. Other than that, Relena had planned where everything was.

   He lifted up the blinds and made sure the window was locked. After he was satisfied he closed the blinds. He turned around when he heard another small sigh from his
   daughter. He laughed to see that she had already kicked off the covers and was in the same position as when he found her. He slowly walked out of the room into his.

   He laid back in bed and welcomed Relena as she curled up to him, and he let the sleep that tugged at his tired body take over.


   It had been a month and a half since Millardo and Noin had found out about Heero and Relena's relationship. Heero was practically living with Relena, seeing how he was
   over there every night. Millardo had tried to get rid of Heero for weeks, but Lady Une would not fire Heero for Millardo's personal problems.  Millardo had tried everything he
   could think of. But than it hit him.  If he couldn't have Heero fired than he would get him promoted, to overseer of all security. Than he would no longer be with Relena
   every moment of every day.

   Heero was in his office going over the emergency exits of a building Relena was going to give a speech at, with her bodyguards. He was almost done when a buzz on the
   intercom came in.

   "Yes Kim?" he asked his secretary.

   "Miss. Darlian is here to see you, sir."

   "Send her in." As the door opened and Relena came in, Heero nodded to the men to leave. They nodded back and left. The lights were off and the only light that was
   on came from the projector. She walked over to him and they kissed hello.

   "Hi." Heero said against her lips.

   "Hi" she responded.

   "What's up?" Heero asked while wrapping his arms around her slim waist.

   "I have a surprise for you." He raised an eyebrow. She wasn't the most wild person he had ever met but she did have her moments. "Not that." She pulled away from him
   and walked over to her purse that she had set on his desk. She pulled out a small but long wrapped package. She then walked back over and handed it to him. He gave
   her a look.

   "Open it!" She was getting impatient. He unwrapped it and look back up at her.

   "It's a toothbrush."  She nodded her head.

   "It's your toothbrush."

   "I see that. Why?"

   "I want you to move in." She blurted out.

   "I already live with you."

   "Ya, but I want to start telling people."

   "You told your brother."

   "Other people besides my brother. He doesn't count."

   "So you went to my apartment and took my toothbrush." Than there was another buzz on the intercom.

   "Mr. Yuy, Mr. Maxwell is . . ." She didn't time to finish because Duo burst through the door. Duo stopped when he saw Heero and Relena so close. He eyed the two of them.

   "OH!" Relena finally said "I have a meeting with Quatre in 10 minutes. I should go."

   "Bye" Heero said right before Relena turned around and left, saying good bye to Duo as she passed him. When the door was closed Duo looked at Heero with a smile at
   went off his face in both directions.

   "What the hell was that?" He than looked at the toothbrush in Heero's hands. "What the hell is that? A toothbrush?" But right before Duo could grab it, Heero pulled it
   behind his back. "Fine don't tell me.  I'll just ask Jouson."


   Relena had almost forgotten that Quatre was going to drop off some papers early this morning. She had just gotten dressed when her butler told her that Mr. Winner was here
   to see her. She rushed down to met him and offered him some tea.

   "No thanks, I have to run. I have a meeting in a few minutes. But here are the papers and I can come by later and pick them up."

   "That sounds great." Relena had a large smile on her face. It had been a while scenes they had seen each other.

   Just as Quatre was about to leave Heero decided to see where Relena had gone.

   Quatre was walking out the door way when he stopped dead in his tracks. Relena thought that was weird so she walked up to see what he was looking at. What she saw
   was Heero and Quatre staring at each other. 'Oops, forgot to tell Heero Quatre was coming over.'

   "Hi Heero." Quatre said in his sweet unsure voice.

   "Hi." They both looked at Relena. Just when Relena thought things couldn't get anymore awkward. . .

   Millardo walked into the hallway, Quatre freaked. Here he, Relena, and Heero (in only his pants) were standing in the hallway. 'Oh shit'. Quatre was even more taken back
   by Millardo's response. He just glared at Heero and than in a not so friendly tone asked "You're still here?! Don't you have a house or something?" Quatre's eye's grew wide.
   "Maybe I should start charging you rent."

   "Millardo!" Relena yelled at her older brother. Millardo smirked and walked out of the room. There was an awkward silence for a few min.

   "Maybe I should go" Quatre was finally able to choke out.


   "I swear there is something going on between those two," Duo stated, trying to convince everyone in the room.

   "For the LAST TIME MAXWELL, NO ONE CARES!" Wufei spat out. It was the sixth time the baka had brought up the subject that night. And they had only been there for an
   hour. Wufei wanted to know how he got here. Oh yes, now he remembered. It was that onna's fault. Yes Sally. She had said that they had to go because it was a work
   meeting. It was mandatory. Yeah, right!  Tell that to Maxwell.

   Just than Quatre walked into the room in a daze. They all watched as Quatre took a seat at the table.

   "What's wrong Quatre?"  Trowa asked

   "Oh, ummm. . . nothing."

   Duo looked at him, "Come on man, you can tell us."

   "Well, umm. . . I was over at Relena's. To drop off some papers. And Heero. . ." He paused to think of what to say next.

   "They weren't!" Duo was almost on the table, at Quatre's throat.

   "NO!  Duo!" Quatre yelled.

   "Not everyone thinks like you" Wufei mumbled

   "They . . . they . . ." But before he could finish his cell phone rang. "Hello, yeah, ok, I'll be right there." Quatre excused himself and left.

   "I know they're doing something" Duo continued.

   "Duo!" a chorus of voices yelled.