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   Rated: PG to PG-13

   Chapter 4: A Choice

   She had not seen Heero yet. She was quite busy. She was thankful for that. 'What do I say to him?' But then she would remember the way he touched her. Then she longed
   for him.

   It wasn't until after lunch and after all her meetings that it was just her and Heero alone in her office. There were no words shared between them, just silence. She would
   look up from her mountain paperwork and see what he was doing. Most off the time he was just watching her. She would lower her eyes immediately. To soon to see the
   small flicker in his eyes. It was a yearning to say something to her but mostly to hold her. But he shook the idea out of his head.

   Relena found that as the time went by she became more impatient. 'That's it.' She stood up and walked over to him. He was leaning against the far wall but stood up
   straight as she made her way over.

   "Heero, umm . . . last night. What was that?" He looked at her confused. "I mean, was last night a one time 'I was drunk, you were drunk, it won't happen again' thing," she
   paused to think of how to put her next statement. "or is it something that could happen again?"

   "You were there." His cold replay made her want to cry, although she wasn't sure exactly why.

   "Yes, but I guess I'm asking you if it will happen again." she looked at him hopefully.

   ". . ."

   "What do you want, Heero?" She knew she sounded desperate but she didn't care.

   "What do you want?" His question to her made her annoyed.

   "God damn it Heero! Why can't you just tell me what YOU want for once in your life?" He stared into her eyes. He found that he was strangely turned on by this.

   "You want to know what I want?"

   "Yes!" With out a second thought Heero grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to him. He took her lips to his and kissed her with more passion than ever before. They
   only separated when there was a knock on Relena's office door.

   "Relena, are you in there?" The voice was muffled but they could still make out he sound of Reginald. Heero stood back looking down at her.  She looked at the door as it
   opened and Reginald walked in.

   "You're in here." He walked over and hugged her. Relena didn't hug him back but Heero stiffened all the same. He didn't like the idea of another man's arms around HIS
   Relena. Reg pulled away and smiled at her, but he could feel something was off.

   "Heero will you excuse us for a minute."  It wasn't really asked as a question.  Heero nodded his head and walked out.  He didn't like this.

   "Well what's up?" Reg asked

   "Umm, we need to talk."

   "Oh, that can't be good." He lightly laugh at his little joke until he saw that she was not laughing. "What's wrong, Relena?" He stepped toward her but she stepped back.

   "Reg, you are a really nice guy."

   "Thanks." He wasn't sure if that was really what she meant.

   "Reg, I like you, I do, I just. . ."

   "We're breaking up aren't we?"

   "I'm sorry, I just don't feel the same way towards you and it's not fair to you. And I don't want to hurt you."

   "Right." He felt his heart breaking.

   "Besides, you don't need me."

   "Relena you don't even know what you need. How can you possibly know what I need?" He turned and left the room, passing Heero as he walked down the hall.

   "I do too know what I want." She said in a low voice into the empty room, just as Heero walked in.