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Rated: PG to PG-13

   Chapter 2: A Group Thing

   "Jouson!  It's great to see ya" Duo yelled from across the crowded room. Relena and Heero walked over to the group sitting around a large table.

   "Yeah, we were worried that you wouldn't be able to make it." Hilde yelled as she made her way around the table to give Relena a hug. "It's good to see you too, Heero."  Hilde

   "Ya, we really didn't think YOU were coming." Duo offered a mug of beer to Heero.

   "We wouldn't miss it for the world." Relena reassured the group as Heero rolled his eyes mumbling something about speaking for her self. They took their sets and
   entered into the small talk that was going on in all directions. Well Relena entered it. The night went on beer pitcher by beer pitcher, stopping only to eat and talk. The group
   caught up on what everyone else was doing and what their plans were.

   "It's too bad that we can't get together more often" stated Quatre as he looked around at all his friends, and smiled as he and Trowa made eye contact. Both Heero and
   Wufei raised an eye brow at the comment, both very thankful that they didn't have to see all these people more often. "So Relena, how's this new boyfriend of yours?
   What's his name . . .Reg is it?"

   "Ya come on spill! I saw an picture of him, he is really cute!" Hilde squealed.  It was obvious that she had been wanting to ask the question all night.

   "He's . . . he's . . ." Relena couldn't think of what to say. What was he? He is her boy friend, but they already knew that. He is nice. "He's nice." It came out in a low tone. 'Nice,
   nice, what the hell was I thinking? You don't say that the guy you're going out with is nice.'  Relena mentally slapped herself. Hilde and Quatre looked at each other.

   "Well that's always a good thing." Hilde commented, not to sure of any other way to comment.

   "Nice, this isn't one of those political relationships where you're just going out for publicity. right?" Duo received a strong blow to his side from Hilde for that comment.

   "No, it's not a political thing," Relena said a little dazed. "It's just . . ." Quatre looked at her and felt bad that he had brought the subject up in the first place. It was obvious
   she was uncomfortable.

   "Hey, I'll go get some more beer. Relena you want to come with me?" It was obvious to every one that Quatre was trying to change the subject.

   "Sure, I'll go." Relena stood up and walked over to the bar with Quatre, but not before Quatre received a glare from Heero. As they walked over Quatre noticed that Relena
   kept her head down.  Now he felt really bad.

   "Is every thing all right?"

   "Yes Quatre. Why?" Relena knew why but she smiled innocently just the same.
   "You seem a little distant." That was a lie and he knew it; she was very distant.

   "I just have a lot on my mind. That's all. Work is very stressful."

   "It wouldn't have to do with Reginald then, would it?"

   "Maybe a little. Well actually it has to do a lot with him."  Quatre smiled ot himself, he knew it.  "Just lately he's been starting to bother me. He always wants to be together
   and I don't even know if I really like-- I mean, of course I like him, he's a wonderful person, but I don't know..."

   "If you love him?" Quatre finished the sentence for her. She looked at him and nodded. "Is there some one else?"


   "Is there some one other than Reginald that you have feelings for?"  She raised an eyebrow.

   "You mean do I still have feelings for Heero?"  She paused  "Would I be totally pathetic if I say yes?"

   "No." Quatre smiled brightly at this comment.  Relena sighed

   "Yes. To tell you the truth I never stopped loving him."

   "Did you tell him that?"


   "Why not?"  Relena let out a small laugh at this question.

   "Why not? Because why would I tell him some thing like 'I love you' when he's just going to turn around and tell me that he doesn't love me. Why on earth would I let him
   hurt me like that?"

   "I don't think he'd say that."

   "You don't?"


   "Than what would he say?"

   "I don't know. Why don't you ask him?"   Relena snorted.

   "I think we should take this beer back to the table before they send a search party."  With that she turned and started back to the table.


   "Hey Heero, what do you think about this Reg guy?" Duo had asked soon after Relena and Quatre left.  His answer was a glare from Heero. Duo decided to push his luck. "I
   mean, I don't see why you're letting this nobody get so close to your chick."

   "She's not my chick." Heero's voice was irritated.

   "I can understand you don't want the press shit, but to go so far as letting this guy say that they're going out, now that's a little far don't ya think?"

   "Duo I said..." He stopped as he saw Relena walking back to the table. She looked different, her expression was sad. 'Why do you care Yuy? You don't feel anything. Right?'