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Rated: PG to PG-13

   Takes place 4 years after Endless Waltz. Year After Colony 199.

   Chapter 1: Home

   He didn't know how he got here. He hadn't planned it, and wasn't expecting it. He had gotten the call from Noin a few days ago and found that he couldn't say no.
   Relena had been kidnapped and there was no way in hell that he would let some moron screw up again and possibly get her killed this time. He didn't remember
   getting here or breaking into this place, all he knew was he had Relena and was not going to let her get hurt.

   They were currently running down halls and dodging bullets. The lights had gone out and the only way they could see anything was by the red emergency lights that
   were flashing on and off. Heero fired his gun behind him as he pulled Relena along side of him. She was making this hard; her shoes were not the best for running,
   seeing how they had a three and a half inch heel. It was obvious she was taken from her office and she was still dressed in the now dirty black skirt and jacket.

   He pulled her around a corner in hopes of losing the group of men that
   were chasing them. Heero was trying to find his way to the shuttle port where
   Duo, Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei were waiting in their "get away plane." Or at least
   that's what Duo called it. As the two turned another corner the heal of Relena's
   shoe gave out, twisting her ankle. She let out a small cry but bit her lower lip as Heero looked back at her.

   "What?"  He actually sounded concerned.

   "Nothing."  Relena lied through her teeth, trying to keep her pain inside so
   he wouldn't think she was weak.  It seemed to work.  He turned his attention back
   to getting out.  The sound of feet running after them seemed to be fading as they
   ran through the maze-like building.  Heero turned one last corner to come
   face-to-face with a dead end. 'Where the hell is that port?' He was pulled out of
   his thoughts by the sound of gunfire. He turned to Relena and pushed her against
   the wall.

   The building began to shake as the bombs the Gundam pilots planted
   began to go off. Heero covered Relena as she let out a small scream. She
   lowered her head against his chest, closing her eyes tight. As the building settled
   Heero slowly pulled away just far enough to see her face. He watched as a tear
   slid down her cheek. Taking his hand he tilted her face up to meet his gaze.
   "Are you ok?" His eyes burned into her soul. She found that she'd
   forgotten how to speak. Her words came back to her as she saw he was still
   holding her hand.

   "I'm fine." She looked up at him. 'Why are you looking at me like that?
   What are you doing here?' she desperately wanted to ask him but as her mouth
   opened she noticed that Heero was leaning in closer to her. His thumb started to
   rub her cheek. They were so close that Relena could feel his breath--so deep
   and rhythmic. She felt hypnotized. Just as she could almost feel his lips touching
   hers . . .

   "Heero! Jouson! Ya here?" Duo's voice echoed down the halls.
   Immediately Heero pulled way. 'Mental note: kill Duo.'

   "We're here." Heero called out as Duo began to round the corner. He
   walked over to them and raised an eyebrow when he saw Heero and Relena's
   position .

   "Whatcha doin' in a small dark corner with Jouson?" Duo asked with a
   small smile on his face, which grew when he saw the two holding hands. Heero
   was about to open his mouth but Duo beat him to it. "Never mind," then winked.
   Heero just glared at him. Relena kept her head down, hiding the blush that
   tugged at her cheeks.

   They made their way back to the hanger with no problems and took off.

   They were well into the flight back to the Sank Kingdom. The pilots had settled
   down and Relena had fallen asleep leaning against Heero's shoulder. Wufei was
   sitting across from them as he eyed Relena and than Heero. Duo sat down next
   to Wufei and across from Heero. He was smiling at Heero, but just receiving the
   death glare in return. They sat there in awkward silence.

   "Hey, how's Relena doing?" Duo asked, not able to stand the
   silence anymore.

   "Fine."  Short, simple, and right to the point.  Heero's reply didn't help Duo in
   the conversation department.

   "What are you doing? You know she's taken." Wufei snorted as he nodded
   his head to the direction of Relena. Duo gave Wufei his version of the death
   glare. Heero looked down at his and Relena's intertwined hands. Yeah, he knew
   she was taken. He had to watch it every dammed day! But he also understood
   what Wufei was saying. What was he doing? What was he thinking, that she'd
   give up this guy just for him? He wished it so, but sadly, doubted it. He would
   never ask her to. 'I'd do nothing but hurt her.' Heero pulled his hand away and
   stood up from his seat. After laying Relena down on the seat he walked to the
   cockpit, where Trowa and Quatre were. Once Heero had left, Duo slapped Wufei
   in the back of the head.

   "What the hell was that for?"

   "He's just deluding her. Then what?" He had a good point.

   "But they were holding hands!" Duo whined in return.



   Back at the Sank Kingdom...

   Millardo was pacing back and forth as Noin tried to calm him down. They
   both stopped as the door to the office opened.

   "Relena! Thank God you're safe!" Millardo quickly ran over to her and
   embraced her. "Are you okay? Did they hurt you? God I'll kill them all myself if
   they did!"

   "Millardo, I'm fine." Relena pushed away from him trying to breath. He
   looked at her just to make sure. Noin was next to hug Relena and welcome her
   home. Relena smiled at the two of them and reassured them she was okay.
   Millardo walked over to the five men that were standing just inside the room.
   "Thank you all for what you've done." He bowed his head to each of them.
   just as the door suddenly swung open and a man around the same age as the
   Gundams pilots ran over to Relena.

   "Oh, thank God! I heard that you were back. God!" He pulled Relena into
   a hug. After a few seconds he pulled away and put his hand on her face. "If they
   hurt you I swear..."

   "Reg, I'm fine. Really. I am." She smiled at him and he smiled back.

   Heero shifted and stiffened. 'How dare he touch her like...No! I don't care.' The
   movement was small but did not go unseen by Duo, who smiled to himself.


   It had been three weeks since the incident and since Heero had taken
   over as Relena's head bodyguard. He never left her side--not that she truly
   minded all that much. Heero didn't mind that much either, except for days like
   these. True, it was a beautiful day: the sun was shining, the birds were singing,
   and Heero was with Relena, but a dark cloud was overhead. HE was here. This
   man called Reginald welcomed himself into Relena's office, house, and
   everywhere else she went.

   Heero despised this man. He wasn't quite sure why he hated him so much,
   but he did. He didn't understand why Relena would even think about dating a guy
   like him. 'You don't care, Yuy.' He came out of his thoughts to find Relena looking
   at him. She gave a small smile and mouthed 'you ok?' He moved his head to look
   out the window but only found HIM there. Heero instead decided to look straight

   "So I was thinking we could go out tonight if you're not too loaded with
   paperwork?" Reginald asked while Heero rolled his eyes. This was the second
   time this hour he had asked Relena out.

   "Reg, I already told you, I have plans tonight." She said looking at Heero
   but took her gaze off of him as soon as his eyes meet hers.

   "Oh, right your evening out with 'the gang'. Well don't stay out too late."

   "Ok, dad" Relena said in a low voice that Heero could barley hear. He
   smirked at that. A smile came to her face when she saw Heero's expression.


   "Hn?" She was startled and looked up quickly.

   "I asked if you were doing anything tomorrow?" Reg began to walk to the
   empty seat next to Heero and across from Relena. As soon as Heero saw the
   man moving forwards, he put his feet on top of the empty chair next to him.
   When Reg saw this he shot an annoyed look at Heero, who of course ignored it.
   Relena tried her best not to laugh, lowering her head so her hair could cover her

   She knew that Heero didn't like Reg-- that was obvious to everyone. Heero
   completely ignored Reg. She wasn't sure why; whenever she asked him, Heero
   would reply that he didn't trust him. Relena always hoped that there was more
   than just mistrust, but she knew not to get her hopes up. The truth of the matter
   was that she herself didn't really know why she went out with him. Sure, she liked
   him but he wasn't... he wasn't Heero. Reg had never officially asked her out.
   They had gone out a few times for lunch and dinner but it had soon turned into
   something that she wasn't sure she liked.