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TITLE: Breaking of Nations
AUTHOR: Tabula Rasa
ARCHIVES: Feel free to link here, or take it, or whatever:
KEYWORDS: Post-col, Sprogfic
SPOILERS: Requiem, I guess
DISCLAIMER: I don't own "In Time of 'The Breaking of Nations,'" that's by Thomas Hardy.  Oh, and I don't own any characters you may recognize.  They belong to someone else, too.
SUMMARY: "Yet this will go onward the same/Though Dynasties pass."
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a little kid, so there will be mistakes in grammar and spelling and possibly syntax. They're on purpose.


 It's raining.  I like the way the rain sounds on the roof.  Tapping softly, not trying too hard to get in, and clunk clunk that mommy says is the rain gutters.  Rain gutters, I found out, are the water spouts that the itsy-bitsy spider climbed up and got washed out of.  I didn't know that for a long time after I learned that song.

I forgot to say why I'm writing this.  I have to write something every day, about my life.  It's for school.  Except school is supposed to be where you go to another place on a bus (but what's a bus?) and there are lots of other kids there (I wish there were other kids here--but not the bully.  There's always a bully in books.) and you sit at a desk and theres a teacher who tells you things.  My mommy and daddy tell me things, so maybe they're my teachers.  I have to do homework too.  It's okay though.  I don't have anything else to do.

  My mommy and daddy and I live in our house in the woods.  I like it.  I wish we had a dog though.  My mommy says so does she.  Sometimes people come by to visit us.  I mostly like it better when theres no one else here, cause the other people don't really talk to me, and mommy and daddy don't talk to me as much, and I don't like that.  When it's just us, they talk to me all the time.  Except now, when I'm doing homework.  But that's a silly name, because all the work I do is at home.

 Sometimes, when there are other people here, they argue with mommy and daddy.  I don't like that.  I think they want us to not live here anymore and go with them to do something.  Mommy and daddy say no, we have to stay here, or they'll find us.  Sometimes I wonder about who is looking for us, and I get scared.  If I have bad dreams, mommy and daddy let me sleep in their bed.  But they say little boys shouldn't evesdrop on other peopleses coversations.  My daddy said that to me and my mommy laughed a lot.  My daddy made a face at her, but he wasn't really mad.  They like each other alot.

 My mommy is cleaning the sink very hard.  She does that alot, and not just to the sink.  My daddy is outside.  Because of all the rain, and the wind, one of the solarpanals broke away, so my daddy is fixing it.  We had to use the g e n e r a t o r  ( I had to ask mommy how to spell that) so we could turn on the lights.  We couldn't turn on alot, though.  We had to be careful.  I don't like the g e n e r a t o r  because it makes a lot of noise.  We also have to put gas in it, and theres not alot.

 I like my mommy, even if she does clean all the time and makes me do multiplicasion.  She has red hair like me, and her eyes are blue.  Mine are green though.  She is a doctor too.   My daddy is a lot taller then her.  He has brown hair and I don't know what color eyes.  It's hard to see them unless he's carrying me.  Sometimes they're brown, and sometimes more like mine.  I don't know what else to say.  Sometimes when they're happy they call each other "a gent."  I don't know why.

 I forgot to say that we live up here because there are no cities because the aliens made them all go away.  I don't know if this is good or bad.  But I have lived here for as long as I can remember.    I am 8.

 Daddy came in now, and he's talking to mommy, holding her arm.  They look scared, and I don't think I have seen them look like this before.  "Are you sure?" says mommy.  Daddy says "yes." Mommy pulls off her gloves and says we have to go but------------------