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Title: Babylon
Author: Tabula Rasa
Feedback: Always well-treated at
Archive: Certainly
Rating: PG, 'cause Krycek's not G ever
Category: 155-word story, V
Keywords: Krycek.  I swear, there's nothing else there.
Spoilers: Essence/Existence
Summary: Alex going to Babylon

Notes: Emuse challenge, more at end.


Bring it on.

He likes it better when it's hard.

Boxers.  Tight black jeans.  White t-shirt, thin.  Sweat socks.  Black work boots (itís damn hard to tie your shoelaces with one hand).
Nothing you couldnít buy at Walmart.  Grease the hair back; he got sick of it in his eyes.  Buff the arm.

The worn leather jacket.  One black glove (but he may take it off if he needs sympathy later).  *Chernyj*.  His favorite color.
Thereís an ankle holster with a .22.  His other weapon he just tucks in the back of his jeans.  If he wears a side holster, the gun sometimes
clunks against the plastic.  Meets his eyes in the mirror.  Time to go.  No other evidence needed.

Tonightís the night, with luck, fortune, and fate.  He knows his duty and he will do it.  Heís ready to start the war.

Grabs the car keys.

Time to go get Mulder and Scully.


NOTES: Ok, so I, like, wrote this in class, and... Just kidding.  I wrote most of it before class.  <g>  I really hope chernyj is the right translation
for "black" in Russian.  It was the best non-Cyrillic I could find, and I wasn't sure about the proper way to transliterate.  In case you didn't know,
Alexander the Great died in Babylon in 323 BC of unknown causes.  ;)  And this was for a 155-word Krycek challenge in association with the RetroX "viewing"
of "Sleepless."